Dalian Running International Trading Co., Ltd. is a private technology innovation company which focuses on import&export trading and International purchasing and marketing sales. The philosophy of the company is: globalization, efficient management, and low cost. The team members achieve stable development and customer relationship realize win-win in long time.

The founders of the company have decades of experience in multinational work and management, and it has established a well-known mutual trust and long-term relationship with large-scale international & domestic aviation companies, shipping companies, and freight logistics company: The company has a highly efficient and intelligent management team and business team; it has many management staffs who are responsible for providing appropriate import & export trading solutions; and it helps customers to manage and build the domestic supply system ; there are many international sales and marketing management personnel to help customers to develop and manage international markets.

Dalian Running team is engaged in the import & export agent for several years, so it has a wealth of agency experience. The company has professional staff in import & export trade and logistics,. We can provide: import agent, export agent, tax refund business, international freight forwarding, customs clearance, commodity inspection, warehousing, logistics and distribution, foreign exchange settlement, payment and other one-stop professional services. We can accept enterprise principal-agent imports,international freight forwarding agent, customs clearance, commodity inspection, warehousing, logistics and other one-stop service. We are familiar with: Customs, commodity inspection, tax, business, bank, and other aspects of the SAFE policies and regulations, And we can provide professional trade program for your reference .We make solutions which cost savings, Lower the risk of import & export scheme, simplify the operating procedures, and speed up the capital flow to offer our customers.


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