Business scope


White Pumpkin Seeds

first grade quality
stable supply ability
Moisture:9.0% max
Admixture:0.5% max Dirty seeds:3.0% max

Clear Float Glass

Sit has many applications, for example:
1. Residential applications
2. Architectural applications
3. Automotive applications
4. Other special applications, like mirror and furniture, etc.

Our Tea Light

Long burning time
Long storage perid
High melting point
Non-smoke and no harm for people




the product is characterized by high purity, good activity, high strength, quality is stable, and protecting coating is uniform etc.This kind of product`s chemical composition and grain size can be adjusted according to the customer`s requirement.  

White Paraffin Wax


Graphite Electrode

We can supply RP, HP, UHP grade, products is of a low resistance, high physical density, oxidation resistance, and high precision machining.